Jonathan Aderhold

Jonathan Aderhold, LMHCAJonathan Aderhold, MA, LMHCA
Owner at Silver Skies Counseling

Hello, my name is Jonathan. This page is here to help you get an idea of my style of therapy. If you’re curious to see if I might be a good fit as your therapist I invite you to contact me at the number listed at the bottom of the page. I’ve worked in community mental health for many years before establishing myself in private practice, helping individuals to identify patterns of behavior and work towards goals we set together. Through these years and many sessions with diverse and wonderful individuals, I’ve gained a deep appreciation for the resiliency of the human spirit.

I want to help you find that strength in your life now.


 Is my therapy style a good fit for you?

I aim to provide a nonjudgmental, LGBTQA-friendly environment where you can express your frustrations, fears, and dreams; and where you define your success. I don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. You are a unique individual; so therapy should be tailored to your unique experience, not the other way around.

My style of therapy emphasizes your value and agency as a person, and how you ultimately have the ability to overcome any obstacle you’ve run into. As your therapist, I can help you determine how you want to live your life, and the path you’ll follow to get there.

I offer free 20-minute phone consultations to help you decide if you would like to see me as your therapist, which will also help me assess if my qualifications and approach are a good fit for your situation. You can reach me at 406-200-8402.